Municipalities and schools discover hidden benefits of sustainability

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Learn how a sustainability plan can benefit your community

Studies show that citizens, students and businesses alike are attracted to sustainable communities and schools, but sustainability isn’t just about good PR or being green. Sustainable operations help improve your financial future and maintain your public infrastructure. Leveraging your energy spend can fund sustainability initiatives and a whole lot more including building renovations, technology upgrades, and public services.

Leverage your energy spend

We find the hidden revenue in nearly any operating budget and put it to work implementing energy management systems, more efficient lighting and HVAC, water efficiency measures, renewable energy sources, and more. The results are lower utility bills, reduced maintenance expenses, and better facility performance.

Plus, we’ll maximize all funding sources available to help you accomplish more. Along with our industry-leading performance contracting program, we also help secure grants, rebates and incentives. In the unlikely event the project doesn’t generate the savings we forecast, we’ll write you a check for the difference. Your return on investment is guaranteed.

Every energy dollar saved through conservation is a dollar you can reinvest in the community

Schneider Electric will work with you to create a sustainability plan that helps enable your community goals. We’ve helped schools improve classroom learning environments, cities increase sports tourism, and counties disaster harden emergency systems.

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