Optimize Your Water/Wastewater Systems

Few operations face tougher requirements or more demanding circumstances than modern water and wastewater treatment plants. To meet these challenges, Schneider Electric’s comprehensive integrated solutions enable a water or wastewater plant utility owner to achieve the maximum return from an existing capital investment. From pumping stations to complex treatment works, we provide customized solutions that render performance enhancements and operational efficiencies.

Measurable results:

  • Guaranteed process optimization
  • Guaranteed energy savings
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Seamless solutions integration into existing infrastructure
  • Long-term sustainability


Our solutions generate up to 60% in energy and turnkey design cost savings, that offer cost containment, procurement efficiency and equitable end user rates – and even better they qualify as green solutions, aiding in the reduction of carbon footprint.

Engineering Solutions for Your Facilities

To understand your needs and how you define a successful partnership, we host a workshop for your decision makers to assure that all stakeholders understand how your contract will work and the value it will bring. From this, we then conduct a preliminary facility audit to identify potential savings opportunities and energy conservation measures (ECM). After completing the preliminary audit, we submit our proposal tailored to address your plant’s specific needs.

Our expert teams, design consultants and contractors work to implement the recommended ECMs in your facility. We manage the entire process to deliver and install the highest quality, energy-efficient products and solutions available.

Comprehensive integrated solutions that enable efficiency, savings and performance.

Performance Enhancement
Implement unique process enhancements that drive efficient, effective asset utilization.

Operational Efficiency
Apply the right automation and control technologies to optimize plant performance.

Energy Efficiency
Evaluate the status of major power-consuming equipment and execute improvements with guarantees on performance.

Sustainability and Public Image
Assess, plan, implement, and report sustainability metrics to move toward self reliance and net zero.

Regulatory Compliance
Develop key strategies for current and future regulations.

Procurement Efficiency
Select the right products, solutions, and partners you trust to deliver projects faster than traditional methods.

Water/Wastewater Competency Center

Schneider Electric brings together a dedicated team of more than 100 experts from multiple disciplines who specialize in serving municipalities, counties and states their water and wastewater needs. Because of our expertise and focus, Schneider Electric can help you exceed your requirements for sustainability and energy efficiency, site and data security, process control and optimization, lighting, demand response and renewable energy.