Elevating your Public Image

As a steward of public and private funds, you want to demonstrate the value of your energy initiatives and inspire all your stakeholders to help you reach your organization’s vision for the future. Targeted communication strategies and materials help you earn their ongoing support.

Awareness Strategy Opportunities

Energy-conservation projects provide a tremendous opportunity for you to engage with all your stakeholders on issues that are vitally important to your community. Such projects position your municipality as a forward-thinking organization of responsible leaders who are embracing the future. This attitude is highly attractive to individuals and the business community alike. The public demand for energy sustainability is growing louder, and you are demonstrating that you understand and are acting accordingly. Moreover, these projects are a financial win for your municipality in ways that may not be immediately apparent to your stakeholders. It is important that all the benefits of your energy-conservation projects be visible to everyone involved.

Schneider Electric’s strategic communications ensure your most important messages are delivered in the most impactful way possible. We customize the particular tactics to fit your needs and goals. A public awareness campaign might include a public event featuring the presentation of “big check” representing energy savings. Signage on buildings or in front of construction sites help build excitement. Digital kiosks in central locations keep the public interested and engaged with up-to-the-minute energy-usage reports. Scholarships, speaking engagements, green fairs … there’s no end to the marketing strategies our team can execute.


While the scope and tactics are customized to fit a client’s needs, the objectives of marketing are to:

  • Share environmental and economic benefits
  • Drive behavior change
  • Improve public image
  • Raise visibility of key leaders
  • Attract new supporters

Kiosks Kick Up Support

The audiences you serve – citizens, business leaders and employees – can help you meet your energy performance goals. Certainly, they are most supportive when they are well informed. Public kiosks display key metrics in a visually powerful medium and track performance against targets, demonstrating progress and inspiring everyone to play a part. Featured categories might include total power consumption, a month-over-month comparison of energy usage, costs, emissions and energy saved. Kiosks are customized to fit your communication goals.