Maximize your Savings Opportunities

Annually, utilities earmark billions of dollars for energy-efficiency project rebates and incentives. However, too many incentive and rebates go unclaimed because the process is complex and difficult for organizations to manage internally. Schneider Electric’s incentive-management experts capture these rebates, helping offset capital costs and easing resource constraints.

Schneider Electric has a long track record and proven expertise in helping city, county, state and federal agencies secure and maximize all the funding available to them. We will partner closely with you and handle the details of obtaining grants, rebates and incentives to maximize all funding sources available.

Finance-eBook_200x180Significant Advantages for Our Customers

  • Financial Benefits
  • Construction Benefits
  • Free up capital budgeted for building improvements through a guaranteed savings model
  • One-source accountability with Schneider Electric
  • Complete turnkey solution designed around long-term building performance
  • Fund essential building upgrades without upfront capital
  • Guaranteed fixed pricing (i.e. no change orders)
  • Expert project management

Long-Awaited Infrastructure Upgrades – Without Upfront Costs

Every energy dollar you save through conservation measures is a dollar you can use for capital improvements. Schneider Electric will work with you and your key stakeholders to create a plan that includes strategic investments in energy-saving equipment and improved energy conservation measures to help you achieve the greatest goals in your community.

Self-Funding Energy Improvements – Guaranteed

With our flexible funding options and performance guarantees, you can use energy savings to pay for capital improvements over a set period. Our industry experts use the latest energy-saving practices and technologies to upgrade aging equipment, reduce maintenance expenses, lower utility bills, and improve building performance – often reducing energy costs by up to 30%. And it’s risk-free. In the unlikely event you don’t achieve the guaranteed savings, Schneider Electric will pay the difference.

Put our Economies of Scale to Work for You

As a global leader in energy management, our $36 billion in annual world-wide sales in 2013 provides Schneider Electric and our clients the financial strength to stand behind 10- to 20-year performance guarantees. Our strong financials allow us to have access to all the resources and financial assistance necessary to complete projects across the U.S. and around the world.