Facility-Insight-&-Optimization-SolutionsEnsure Top Performance with Facility Insight Solutions

Our services ensure that a building’s equipment and control systems are performing as designed and that procedures are in place to maintain optimum performance over time. Facility Insight Solutions provides an initial assessment that looks at the basics across three levels.

Power Quality Insight

Identify power quality issues and prioritize action for change.

Energy Insight

Learn to interpret and act on metering data to grow efficiencies.

Systems Insight

Leverage data from metering and automation systems to identify areas for improvement.

Each is an evaluation of relevant energy infrastructure, in order to maximize and sustain energy performance.

Optimization Solutions that Deliver Sustained Results

Let Schneider Electric monitor the pulse of your facility, keep your systems tuned, and identify issues that keep you from meeting your goals. Through our building analytics and commissioning expertise, you’ll get ongoing tuning and system adjustments, improving long-term performance.

Choose from a wide-range of remote and onsite solutions to ensure sustained results year over year.

Remote Optimization

A remote connection monitors facilities, providing a detailed analysis of energy and automation data. Our expertise provides ongoing tuning and system adjustments, improving long-term performance.

Facility Performance

Helps you achieve up to 30% reduction in utility spend by working with us to improve your operations through remote and onsite services.

Advanced Energy Optimization

An alternative to capital projects that provides existing infrastructure optimization, energy efficiency, and actual savings. This three-year shared savings partnership with the option to renew your contract requires no capital investment. We get paid when you save, which means we’re certain we can find energy savings. We’re willing to risk our time to prove it.

Performance Assurance Support Services (PASS)

Performance Assurance delivers a comprehensive approach to ensuring that your capital investment project performs on its savings commitments, and that the optimal performance of your infrastructure investments is realized for the long-term.

Our Performance Assurance program goes into effect after an initial system installation or implementation to provide ongoing support services such as:

  • Remote monitoring and technical support
  • Complete analysis and reporting of energy usage
  • Verification of guaranteed energy savings


We offer easy-to-read graphs and reports showing your energy savings and environmental impact.


We assess your building operations, schedules, and parameters to assure efficiency and savings.


We offer on-site training and a toll-free PASS line to answer your questions about everything from equipment scheduling to project savings.


We focus on achieving the energy and sustainability goals of your organization so you can focus on what’s important to you.

PASS manages your energy expenditures to:

  • Identify and prioritize efficiency and conservation measures
  • Design an annual plan to contain costs, minimize risks, and improve bottom-line performance
  • Monitor each efficiency and conservation measure, verify results, and modify plans as needed to maximize energy savings