Leverage Proposition 39 funding to accomplish more for your district

California school districts have access to a significant funding source for facility upgrades, thanks to the passing of Proposition 39 in November 2012, which earmarked $2.5 billion to fund clean energy and energy efficiency projects in public buildings like yours. This presents an opportunity to address deferred maintenance projects in your facilities. Whether your focus is maximizing funding, updating technology, hiring much needed additional staff, or replacing aging equipment – your district’s vision is important.

The power of partnership

We will partner with you and handle the details of obtaining your Prop 39 funds – and much more. We seek out additional grants, rebates and incentives to maximize all funding sources available and help you create a plan that maximizes every dollar. We can help you communicate the plan to your stakeholders. Then, we execute efficiently with a local workforce. Finally, you can stop patching problems in your facilities and fix those critical issues once and for all.

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“In addition to simplifying the entire process, partnering with Schneider electric allowed us to directly address our most pressing energy efficiency problems through an integrated approach. We now have a full 5-year energy savings plan that will help maximize every Prop 39 dollar. “

Annie Bui, Associate Superintendent
Hacienda La Puente USD


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Here’s how we can help your school district:

    • Maximize energy savings and utility rebates
    • Upgrade aging facilities and systems
    • Address deferred maintenance
    • Enhance technology
    • Reduce operational expenses
    • Engage students with energy conservation curriculum
    • Boost public image with a tailored PR campaign


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Act now – don’t miss this opportunity!

Your Prop 39 dollars can go so much further than you ever thought possible. Working with the right partner can make a huge difference in achieving a long-term plan to successfully manage your school district’s infrastructure and facility assets. Let Schneider Electric help you optimize your energy spend and manage your Prop 39 program, so you can achieve your biggest goals.