Ensuring the Success of Your Energy Strategy

If you are responsible for a large college, thousands of students and millions of dollars of important research may depend on having reliable power regardless of events that may impact the larger community.

A microgrid solution can automatically disconnect and operate independently from the main utility grid during an event such as a storm or civil emergency to allow you to deliver reliable power to campus facilities with critical power loads.

Additionally, in the event of a utility shutdown, a microgrid system can reduce non-critical loads, such as lighting or HVAC systems, and can generate energy from alternative energy sources, including natural gas or renewables, maintaining the safety and security of the campus for extended periods of time.

Microgrid solutions from Schneider Electric provide:

  • Commercially proven technology
  • Foundation for Net Zero performance
  • Redundant, scalable interoperable controls
  • Cyber secure architecture

Experience you can trust:

  • The world’s leading medium and low voltage distributor
  • Over 300 critical infrastructure control projects completed in North America
  • Full suite of microgrid technology and services