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Many colleges have created an energy and sustainability plan which receives visibility at the top levels of administration and the board.   In many of these plans, long-term energy and sustainability goals are set.   Further, many colleges have signed a commitment to the ACUPCC.  The ability to report your progress towards long-term goals is paramount to the success of your energy and sustainability program. With multiple facilities and various stakeholders with competing priorities, consistency of data is important for colleges like yours. We’ll help you accurately report data that you care about and communicate progress to all necessary stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

Most colleges don’t have the time, money or expertise to ensure that energy projects deliver on their promises. Our Energy Performance Services team tracks savings and makes sure guarantees are met. They provide ongoing monitoring and technical support, along with complete reporting and analysis of energy use to optimize project performance.


The CarbonMap is Schneider Electric’s methodology for establishing the guidelines for accurately measuring your college’s carbon footprint. The CarbonMap provides a framework for identifying and quantifying your college’s GHG emissions sources, allowing you to accurately set an emissions baseline for reporting and regulatory compliance. It also outlines efficient processes to ensure yourcollege will consistently capture and report greenhouse gas emissions data in a succinct, efficient manner.

Your Partner in Energy and Greenhouse Gas Analysis and Reporting

If leaders, the community, or the press want to know how your campus is progressing toward sustainability goals, you want an easy, accurate way to deliver those reports. Schneider Electric can help. With Schneider Electric as your partner, you can determine your college’s carbon footprint quickly and accurately. We eliminate your burdens by coordinating the collection, organization and verification of all information incorporated into your carbon footprint report.