Higher-EducationEnergy-and-Infrastructure-ProjectsOur Turnkey Facility Improvement Projects Deliver Maximum ROI

The average building uses 20% more energy than it needs. Naturally, optimizing energy consumption helps you reduce costs, but finding these areas of opportunity can be challenging when you spend most of your time and resources serving your students and faculty and maintaining your current facilities. Schneider Electric helps you pinpoint and execute projects that deliver maximum return on investment. Let us help you figure out how to optimize building operational costs with minimal disruption to your faculty and students.

Our more than 25 years of experience retrofitting, monitoring and operating facilities gives us a meaningful edge over most architects and engineers when it comes to knowing how building design impacts long-term operating  costs. We evaluate lifecycle costs of various mechanical designs and work with you to select and build the optimal solution.

We optimize facility performance through:

  • Flexible funding options that leverage utility and real operational savings to pay for capital improvements
  • Comprehensive system and energy analysis, energy modeling, and utility rate simulations to arrive at performance-focused, budget-conscious solutions
  • Mechanical and HVAC system retrofits
  • Water and wastewater treatment plant retrofits
  • Automation and integration of building automation and lighting systems
  • Integration of turnkey renewable energy solutions
  • Microgrids that give schools the ultimate flexibility and reliability

The implementation phase of your project incorporates not only system design, construction and commissioning, but also customizable energy savings guarantee that you can use to ultimately fund the improvements. Our experts will work with you to recommend and execute energy and infrastructure projects that are guaranteed to meet your criteria.

No matter your campus requirements, we provide the right solutions and support to meet your specific energy goals.