Schneider Electric puts you in control of your operations and financial health

Keeping a hospital financially strong without jeopardizing the environment of care can be a daunting task. By spending less on operations, you may adversely affect the most important elements of your healthcare business — patient and staff satisfaction and revenue. Poor facility performance and equipment failure could result in lower quality metrics, severely disrupted clinical processes, and compromised safety. To meet this challenge, you need a partner with the proven experience, capabilities, and industry expertise to make a difference for your facility. From design to technology integration and deployment, Schneider Electric is your partner of choice.

Improve financial performance through utility cost savings that are sustained throughout the life cycle of your facility

To find and drive efficiencies, healthcare facilities need to adopt an energy management life cycle approach to their energy use. With the average age of a hospital in the U.S. at 27 years, and the industry having a reputation of stretching facility life cycles, an energy management life cycle approach prepares facilities, and the organizations that own them, for long-term operating success.

Let us show you how to:

  • Improve Financial Performance
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduce Life Cycle and Energy Costs
  • Simplify Regulatory Compliance Practices
  • Improve Staff Productivity and Retention

Only Schneider Electric can bring it all together — even during a budget crunch

As your energy expert and full-service partner, Schneider Electric provides end-to-end support from building conceptualization to technology integration to funding. Our industry-leading technologies and systems integration expertise, in combination with our deep understanding of high-performance healthcare facilities, are proven to deliver solutions that address your business, environmental, and regulatory challenges. We help you achieve sustainable savings that decrease operating expenses and boost your bottom-line performance.

Learn how our healthcare customers used performance contracting to fund their next facility improvement projects.