Optimize your energy spend so you can hit your biggest goals.

We are entering a time when energy management is becoming immensely complex. Organizations are facing rising commodity prices, changing regulations, new consumer demands, climate changes and increased pressure from your investors, customers and community. And, it seems there’s never enough time, money or expertise to make the big strides you envision. In the public arena, you face daunting challenges:

  • Strained budgets and rising operational costs
  • Aging facilities and outdated systems and technology
  • Need to educate and change behaviors impacting the environment and bottom line
  • Mounting political pressure for financial stewardship and environmental sustainability

It’s time for a new way of thinking.

With a wide array of experience, expertise and strategic alliances, Schneider Electric can help you meet the operational demands of today while making the advances that make a real difference for tomorrow. Our proven, non-traditional approach allows you to better manage your single largest controllable expense – energy. Every energy dollar you save through conservation is a dollar you can use for capital improvements. With our performance contracting, you can use energy savings to fund major capital improvements, enabling initiatives that meet your biggest goals. Sound too good to be true? We guarantee it. In the unlikely even the project doesn’t generate the savings we forecast, we’ll write you a check for the difference. Your return on investment is assured.