McPherson College recently launched a significant campus-wide efficiency project to reduce energy consumption and decrease its carbon footprint while making a significant improvement to the learning environment. All of the improvements are anticipated to be complete by early 2017.

What's changing through the latest project?

Schneider Electric will incorporate a variety of energy efficiency upgrades to enhance classroom and building comfort while reducing energy consumption through:
  • Campus-wide intelligent building automation system
  • Centrally controlled HVAC systems to optimize energy and operational efficiencies
  • Newly installed building sub-metering systems
  • Domestic water fixture retrofits and modifications to conserve water and reduce sewage
  • Mechanical upgrades including variable air volume conversions, whole building HVAC system replacements, and campus centralized steam system being converted to hot water

What buildings are included?

Beeghly Hall
Bittinger Hall
Brown Auditorium
Dotzour Hall
Forney Boiler Plant
Friendship Hall
Furnas Maintenance
Harter Hall
Hess Fine Arts

Melhorn Hall
Metzler Hall
Miller Library
Mingenback Theater
Mohler Hall
Morrison Hall
Sport Center
Student Union
Templeton Hall

Check out the McPherson College Construction Timeline to learn more about the project details and infrastructure enhancement managed by Schneider Electric.

How much does it cost and how much will McPherson College save?

This $7.4 million project is being funded partially by energy conservation measures. By managing and optimizing energy use, higher education institutions can leverage energy and operational savings to support strategic educational objectives.

As increasing energy costs continue to consume annual operating budgets, cash-strapped schools have found improving the performance of their schools facilities an innovative way to free up funds to help pay for building improvements and other upgrades that enhance the learning environment.

McPherson College is expected to save nearly $80,000 annually in energy and operational costs. That savings will initially be dedicated to paying off the cost of the improvements. Additionally, by replacing aging infrastructure, McPherson College will reduce its deferred maintenance backlog across its building automation, water, and mechanical systems for decades to come.

Environmentally, the savings also will be substantial. The combined amount of electricity and natural gas saved will eliminate 378 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. That's the same emissions as:

  • Removing 81 cars from the road
  • Powering 49 homes
Project Overview

McPherson College is partnering with Schneider Electric to make smart investments to reduce its energy consumption, save money, and use those savings to improve the environmental performance of their campus across 18 facilities.