Customer Projects and Timelines

McPherson College

McPherson College is partnering with Schneider Electric to make smart investments to reduce its energy consumption, save money, and use those savings to modernize its facilities, as well as its environmental performance. Explore how this college is putting “new-school” solutions to work solving “old-school” problems across 18 facilities.


Missouri Western State University

Missouri Western State University’s energy efficiency initiative paves the way for a smarter campus, improved learning environments, and nearly $400,000 in guaranteed energy saving annually. Discover how university leaders were able to fund and create a more modern and sustainable campus.


thumbnail - Columbia Basin College
Columbia Basin College

Columbia Basin College is a prime example of what educational institutions can realize through Schneider Electric’s energy efficiency program. Learn how this forward-looking institution is reducing energy costs by 26 percent and uncovering valuable insight into its energy usage.